HIPAA & Security Considerations

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Identification and Authentication

  • Providers should take reasonable steps to verify the identities of their participants and to properly represent their identity and credentials. Use the same care one would take to identify a participant in person.
  • Obtain copies of driver’s license/photo ID, insurance cards, etc.

Accessability, Planning and Emergency Care

  • Specific plans for emergencies, including maintaining a list of the participants local emergency resources, should be implemented and discussed.
  • Screening should be used to identify inappropriate cases.

Potential Risks:

  • You lose any physical control of the participant and their surroundings
  • You rely on their equipment and network
  • You may need to verify the participant’s location (for safety reasons)
  • There is no one correct solution to these risks and it may be impossible to provide appropriate treatment in some cases.

Sample Consent Form In English
(UC Davis)

Sample Consent Form In Spanish
(UC Davis)

Sample Consent In English
(Cooperative of American Physicians)


California requires verbal or written consent for telehealth services. If a provider maintains a general consent that specifically mentions use of telehealth as an acceptable modality for delivery of services, then this is sufficient for documentation of patient consent.