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Considerations When Selecting a Video Software Platform

There are hundreds of video software platforms on the market and this can be overwhelming when deciding which one to use.

Consider Whether the Video Platform is HIPAA Compliant

HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) compliance is more complex than simply using products that claim to be “HIPAA-compliant.” HIPAA compliance entails an organized set of secure, monitored, and documented practices within and between covered entities. Though products cannot ensure compliance, some products may contain elements or features that allow them to be operated in a HIPAA-compliant way. Click the buttons below for Telehealth and HIPAA resources.

Sample Questions to Ask the Video Software Platform Company

  1.  Do you offer a BA (Business Associate Agreement)
  2.  Is the software encrypted from end to end?  What level of encryption is used?
  3.  What PHI (Protected Health Information) is you company capable of accessing?
  4.  May I review your last HIPAA compliance audit?
  5.  What administrative, physical, and technical safeguards are in place?
  6.  Would you be willing to sign our BAA?

HIPAA and Telehealth Infographic

This informational sheet is provided by a joint collabortation of all 14 centers in the National Consortium of Telehealth Reosurce Centers.

Virtual Care Security Tips for Providers

Virtual care offers many benefits, but it can also increase exposure to cyber threats. These tips can help keep PHI secure.

Virtual Care Security Tips for Patients

Virtual care offers patients convenience, flexibility, and reduced costs. To ensure your information is secure, consider the following safeguards.

Providers, share this resource with your patients.

Additional Considerations

  1. Is the software easy for my providers to understand and use?
  2. Does the software integrate into my EHR?
  3. Is the patient end of the software easy to use?
  4. Is the patient required to download any software?
  5. Can I schedule visits on-demand or in advance?
  6. Does the software integrate with my appointment scheduling software?
  7. Once a visit is scheduled, does the software automatically email or text the patient? Or does the provider need to send a link manually?