Determine the Need

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Consider what you are trying to accomplish

Taking these steps will help drive important decisions for implementing telehealth into your practice. It is up to health care providers to determine which of their patients and services are appropriate for telehealth.

Which of these statements are true for your practice needs?

I would like to connect virtually with my patients while they are located outside the office.

    • Does the patient have a smart device or computer with a camera?
    • Does the patient have reliable internet or cellular access?
    • Does the patient have email or texting available?

I would like to import services that are not currently available to my patients.

    • What are your unmet healthcare needs?
    • What specialties are you in need of?
    • What is your anticipated volume of referrals for each specialty?
    • Don’t rely on your data alone – Ask your clinical team

What delivery method do you want to use?


    • Live video (Direct to patient or Specialist to Clinic)
    • Store and Forward
    • Remote Patient Monitoring
    • eConsult