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Internet/ Cellular Considerations for Direct to Patient Telehealth

Successful video visits require adequate bandwidth/cellular connection to the device being used.

While many homes have decent bandwidth; more and more people are working at home, taking classes online, watching movies, gaming, etc., and there can be a lot of competition for that bandwidth. Likewise, cellular devices also compete for connectivity.

Try to limit the amount of devices using bandwidth/cellular connection. Ask others to close games, movies, internet-based TV and stop other bandwidth intensive activities while you are conducting a telehealth visit. It is also a good idea to close any open games, social media apps and excessive internet browsers on mobile devices.

Similarly, video running on a laptop with several browser tabs or windows open may also compete for bandwidth. Make sure to close all unnecessary tabs before starting a visit.

Resources for Broadband

California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF)

May be able to provide assistance for home/business broadband options.

FCC Lifeline Program

Lifeline may be able to assist with data plans/cellular devices for qualified participants.