About this Course

Please note: The content provided in this course does not constitute legal advice. Many factors can impact the successful submission of claims for reimbursement. The ability to bill for a service does not necessarily guarantee reimbursement. CTRC does not guarantee payment for any service. Use the information in this guide in consultation with your billing specialist and other telehealth billing advisers.

This course is intended to help organizations obtain accurate information about telehealth billing and reimbursement programs for most major payors in the state of California. For information about national telehealth billing and reimbursement policies, please refer to the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP).
Telehealth service and reimbursement information can become outdated quickly and is often subject to change without notice. CTRC publishes updates to the CA Telehealth Reimbursement Guide and this course as often as possible and makes the most current version available on our website. To sign up for CTRC email updates, please visit www.caltrc.org/contact/.
Despite these comprehensive efforts, CTRC may not always be aware of all California payor policies or changes to these policies. It is advisable to directly check periodically with your public, private, and commercial payors to remain current on all telehealth services eligible for reimbursement as well as rates of reimbursement for those services.