2018 Telehealth Summit

May 16-18, 2018, Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, San Diego, CA

The 6th annual statewide Telehealth Summit will be held at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay in San Diego, May 16-18, 2018.  The theme of the conference, “Advancing Telehealth Through Collaboration” will focus on applications such as live video, store and forward, remote patient monitoring, mHealth, and Direct to Consumer care.  Health Plans, DHCS and CMS representatives will talk about new project developments and reimbursement.  We will also learn more about telehealth integration with EHR, elements in developing successful clinic/specialty partner relationships, online telemedicine training curriculum, change management, and best practices as shared by successful FQHCs.

We will be offering two pre-conference workshops this year. The first workshop will feature the National Telehealth Resource Center for Technology’s popular Telehealth Technology Showcase, where participants, in a hands-on environment, will learn about various telehealth technologies, software, and peripheral equipment.  The second workshop will be invitation only for the CHCF Learning Community and is sponsored by the California Health Care Foundation.  Great work is being done by the CHCF in developing sustainable models of telehealth in the safety net!

The conference will be attended by telehealth clinician champions, coordinators, C-suite leadership, and IT professionals.  Over the past several years we have maintained an average of 300 attendees, and anticipate the 2018 event will reach if not exceed this level of participation.