Program Guides

Successful practices can be replicated

CTRC’s telemedicine publications are created based upon successful program practices that can be replicated by other programs. These publications cover both specific issues, which impact the development of telemedicine programs as well as practice guides for particular specialties and modalities of care.

Developing a Telehealth Marketing Plan: A Step by Step Guide


This guide assists in the development of a telemedicine program’s marketing component. It provides a variety of tools geared to guide you through the critical elements of performing a market analysis and implementing promotional strategies and efforts.

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Reimbursement Guide

The Telehealth Reimbursement Guide (updated January 2016) includes telehealth billing policies for public and private payers. This guide also discusses Medi-Cal billing and reimbursement scenarios for FQHC’s and RHC’s.

Download the CTRC Telehealth Reimbursement Guide

Telehealth Glossary


The telehealth industry is rapidly evolving, as is the terminology being used to describe telemedicine and telehealth applications. This comprehensive glossary clarifies common telemedicine and eHealth terms.

Download the telehealth glossary of terms

Telemedicine and American Indians in California


This report outlines the path of an innovative project with a mission of saving the sight of American Indians and improving access to health services. This report discusses the current levels of activity and interest in Telemedicine for American Indians in California.

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Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Practice Guide


The Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Practice Guide presents the practical aspects of developing a diabetic retinopathy screening (DRS) program along with general guidelines and recommendations for performing DRS based on experiences in California.

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Teledermatology Practice Guide


The Teledermatology Practice Guide gives current and potential Telemedicine providers a better understanding of the elements involved in developing and sustaining a successful teledermatology program. This guide includes information on policies and procedures, best practice models, helpful tools, reimbursement policies, and a glossary of terms for teledermatology.

Download the teledermatology guide