Kathy Chorbalinkedin
Executive Director

Kathy Chorba has 20 years of telehealth program development experience, beginning with establishing and growing the UC Davis Telemedicine program, incorporating 80 sites and 35 specialties, and directing the Telemedicine Learning Center.  Immediately following her 12 years with the UCD Telemedicine Program, Ms. Chorba worked with the Center for Connected Health Policy as Director of the Specialty Care Safety Net Initiative, implementing telehealth services in five University of California health systems and 45 safety net hospitals and clinics.  Following the success of the SCSNI in 2012, Ms. Chorba joined the California Telehealth Network as Executive Director for the CTRC, and has provided on-site telehealth implementation, training and consulting services to over 275 clinics throughout the state.

Michael Martineaulinkedin
Program Director

ATA-Corporate-Close-Ups-415-CTRC webMichael Martineau’s background includes over 15 years in the health care and insurance industry. Prior to joining CTRC, Michael worked for over 10 years as a Senior Product Development Consultant for the Anthem Blue Cross Telemedicine Network. His work there included; network site recruitment, development of marketing collateral, utilization reporting for multiple agencies, project management, physician training, subject matter expert for proposals, speaker at the annual Medicaid Managed Care Congress, and as a grant administrator for the Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board (MRMIB) Telemedicine projects.

Prior to working in the medical insurance industry, Michael held positions as a Sales Director and Marketing Manager for some of the top medical device manufacturers in the U.S.

Danylle Kurywchaklinkedin
Project Coordinator

Danylle Kurywchak graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. She has over five years of experience in education, creating curriculum, lecturing large and small groups, as well as, mentoring and developing performance. Ms. Kurywchak also furthered her education in cultural diversity, program planning, and management.

Prior to joining CTRC, Ms. Kurywchak was a Project Manager for Telemedicine.com Inc., where she assisted in telemedicine cart development, performed on-site instruction, and provided tech support. Her current role with CTRC is Project Coordinator for “Developing Sustainable Models of Telehealth in the Safety Net”.